Feedback from parents

Families give feedback about Prevention Services"The Prevention Team has really made a difference with my son, with managing his anger, but also seeing the prevention worker over the summer holidays somehow helped him deal with his start back to school in September. Normally it takes till Christmas before he settles, but his work ethic has totally changed. I believe this is because it wasn't just me constantly nagging, but the Prevention Worker also encouraging the need to stay on the right path."

"They listened to my worries and problems, always offering help where possible. They offered advice and put us in touch with people who could help us with sorting out our finances. Very pleasant and friendly."

"My daughter has had the help she has needed and this has helped her to cope with her emotions more positively."

Feedback from children and young people

Young boy giving feedback on Prevention Service"The most helpful thing was being told about risks and consequences and being told that I've done wrong, because I knew I done wrong."

"They helped me stay out of trouble by getting me involved in different activities."

"It was really good that you were helping me and my family, because my mum wanted someone to help her because she didn't like it when I was being naughty all the time. I think you've worked with me very hard and my mum is proud of me."